Gary Dourdan Takes a Big Hit

Life just imitated art for Gary Dourdan, who was slammed with three felony drug charges for the April 29 bust in which he was found passed out at 5 a.m. with his car facing the wrong way and a sizable stash of cocaine, heroin and ecstacy, among other pharmaceuticals.

Dourdan had just come from the Coachella Music Festival, and everyone knows that’s one serious party.

Eerily, his CSI character, Warrick Brown, had been battling prescription drugs but won’t get the chance to escalate his addiction, as he’s being written out of the show.

Booked under his legal name of Gary Durdin, the actor was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance. As Hollywood life would have it, he will likely pull the “I’m-entering-rehab-for-personal-issues bait-and-switch-to-avoid-jail-time” gag.

“Upon successful completion of such a drug-treatment program,” a Riverside County D.A. rep told E! Online,” the charges could be dismissed.” The source mentioned California’s Proposition 36, aka the treatment-instead-of-incarceration program.

It’s a shame he’s not from CSI: Miami, because there really couldn’t be a better time to cue The Who music.

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