Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon DO Have a Prenup

Ever since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon up and whisked off to the Bahamas to get hitched, the world has been abuzz that love triumphed over good sen$e, and they entered wedded bliss without a prenup.

Hogwash, Fox News says. “Anyone who thinks we didn’t have a prenup is smoking something!” the chart-topping cougar-lite Carey reportedly told a Fox source.

The diminutive diva towers over the competition in the CD world, and the emancipation of her business acumen has been earned, not given.

She may seem like she’s floating on a cloud of cotton candy and thinking only of thread counts and flattering camera angles, but when it comes to any down-the-road division of assets, you can bet this gorgeous gazillionaire is on her game.

Screaming Mimi, indeed.

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