Amy Winehouse Released Back into the Wild

Usually the ’50s pinup style evokes the image of a curvaceous Bettie Page, but Amy Winehouse conjures up more Olive Oyl. She’s looking increasingly deflated as a result of her substance-abuse problems, and last night was no exception.

It was a gaunt Winehouse who stepped out for a late night in some denim short-shorts, a satin bomber-style jacket and her trademark black tresses piled atop her head to celebrate being released just hours prior, on bail from the London jail where she was being held, reports the Daily Mail.

Even though it was a late night out for Amy, she kept her activities low-key and hit up a gas station for some snacks and magazines. Winehouse, who recently head-butted a man during an altercation over a taxi, was extremely genial with the surrounding paparazzi, asking for tattoo suggestions.

If she’s open to random suggestions, perhaps the word STOP somewhere on her person might come in handy as a friendly reminder.

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