Cher Was Crazy for Cruise

Of all the regrets in her life, perpetual farewell tour performer Cher admits that one of the most stinging is not making a greater effort to make a long-term relationship work with the diminutive star of Risky Business. Tom Cruise, evidently, touched depths of Cher’s soul that David Geffen never did.

During the promotion of her splashy new Las Vegas show, the monomonikered star dished to Oprah Winfrey that a truly life-altering relationship would have been possible for the plastic surgery junkie and the Scientologist A-lister if their filming schedules hadn’t been so hectic at the time.

Cher lamented to the confessional-inducing talk-show hostess, “It could have been a great big romance, because I was crazy for him.” Sounds like these two were a pair of elevator shoes and a church-sponsored brain cleaning away from a lifetime partnership.

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