Jason Wahler Says Unicorns Are More Real Than His Sex Tape

All these numbnuts on The Hills are working overtime to promote the newest season of the show by publicly airing any and all grievances against one another no matter how historical.

The source of the rift between Heidi Montag and former roommate Lauren Conrad stems in some part from the allegation that Montag and boyfriend Spencer Pratt started the rumor that L.C. had made a sex tape with her former and perhaps future poop-heel Jason Wahler.

Now that he has stumbled from his substance-abuse fog and mustered up the energy to deny the existence of the tape, Jason is sticking up for the chick who made him one of the most famous douche spouts in existence.

In response to Spencer and Heidi’s recent visit to The Tyra Banks Show during which Spence insisted he was “1,000 percent” sure a tape existed, Wahler told Us Weekly, “I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad, and one does not exist.”

It’s interesting to see where reality TV stars draw the line at having their faux reality exposed. They’re probably just annoyed at the prospect of screening footage of themselves that reveals what they look like without the benefit of hair, makeup and lighting.

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