Miley’s Daddy Declares ‘Vanity Fair’ Unfair

The draw of seeing a topless-appearing Miley Cyrus swathed in a silken drape was so strong it crashed the Vanity Fair Website after millions of curious visitors flooded the site.

But even more interesting than the photos themselves is the plethora of scenarios that Vanity Fair, Disney, Miley and her father, Billy Ray, are telling the media to explain how the now infamous picture came to be. It’s like watching Rashomon…with Mickey Mouse ears.

Papa Cyrus chimes in that he left the set of the photo shoot before his 15-year-old daughter donned half a bed sheet.

Even though Miley’s grandma and tutor were in attendance, he claims he was not involved in the final selection of the shot for publication. He was just there for the creepy, sensual father-daughter photo series.

Whew! For a minute there, things almost got inappropriate.


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