Oops, Ms. Spears Is Doing TV Again

The pop star who seems to be on the road to recovering the career she’s been so intent on destroying these past few years has made her second guest appearance on the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother. Brit’s reprising the role of the batty, lovestruck receptionist Abby, with the episode set to air Monday, May 12.

Britney gushed to Us Weekly: “I had such a great experience the last time I was on the show that I couldn’t wait to come back.”

The bit part is just long enough to allow Britney to show off the bubbly personality that so many years ago endeared her to the American public, but not so extended that the poor thing had to worry about memorizing many lines. Like her best pop hits, it’s short, sweet and not rocket science.

Meanwhile, even though Britney really seems to have cut down her impromptu shopping trips, she did manage to get out long enough to pick up the new Radiohead album. After the hard work she’s been putting in at the gym and on TV, it seems like she’s earned it.