Britney’s Phoney Orgasms

Britney’s phone conversations with Kevin Federline used to primarily consist of brief and mundane discussions about the visitation arrangements of their two young sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. However, since Ms. Spears has settled back into a routine that doesn’t consist of multiple visits to rehab and the psych ward, she and Kevin have grown closer over the phone and now enjoy hot and steamy long-distance sessions on a regular basis.

A Spears insider talked to Star magazine about the sexual connection that still exists between ex-husband and wife. “The one thing those two have in common is their need for sex, and after they get going, there are no holds barred.”

Now, now, kids … there’s no need to get the FCC tangled up in your sordid little relationship. And on another note completely, she was recently spotted at the season finale for the MTV reality show Rock the Cradle. Hopefully, she just put her phone on vibrate during the taping … or, ewww, maybe not.