Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Explain It All

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt had lunch with the LA Times and explored the genesis and progression of—whatever the hell it is they do.

The Hills anti-heroes have become known for the extremes they go to for plastering their simpering mugs across every tabloid outlet known to man. As famous for staging photo opportunities as they are for appearing on a show that averages 3.3 million young adult viewers per week, the couple think of themselves as “entertainers.” Sort of like how tubby security guards with their shirts untucked and stains on their ties think of themselves as “cops.”

“We are trying to entertain in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s on the show or in the tabloids,” Heidi says.

Spencer and Heidi turn everything from Heidi’s plastic surgeries to the mockery she experienced trying to start a singing career, into fodder for the press.

“Every hour,” Spencer says, “on every site, in every magazine, they need content. It’s the most competitive industry in the world, I would say, the pop culture media game.”

Spencer, megalomaniac that he is, claims responsibility for the success of The Hills. After viewing season one, he realized that the show needed “some evil.” Pratt says that he wanted to “cause drama” and “get my own show.”

Was Heidi trying to sound out words on the menu while Spencer was saying this? Isn’t he sorta/kinda admitting that he started dating her to get on TV?

But Pratt claims that their relationship is real.

“I was — and am — so in love with Heidi. Our real world is right here.” Spencer gestured at the space between he and Heidi.

There’s a space between both their ears as well.