Lindsay’s Back on the Market!

Despite trying to claw her way back to professional respectability, Lindsay Lohan has just lost two films that were poised to give her a leg up.

Deadline Hollywood says of the indie flick Manson Girls, which was to begin filming in July, “People associated with the movie told agents Lohan became more of a deficit than an asset when they couldn’t find any name actresses who wanted to costar with her (and even some name actors).”

For once lately, she’s made dad Michael Lohan happy. If you’ll recall, he recently mouthed off about her not being steered in the right cinematic direction.

But even a pleased papa won’t take the sting out of this rejection…or the ensuing tabloid pickup. Add to that a coinciding ousting from the mainstream Ye Olde Times, with Jack Black and David Arquette, a comedy in preproduction for a 2009 release.

Suits on that flick are spinning it much closer to the typical company line, telling E! News, “We have decided to go our separate ways. We currently have an offer out to another actor.”

Yeah, like anyone who doesn’t force a film to carry her considerable baggage. Good luck, Linds. Hollywood payback’s a bitch.