Mariah Carey’s Rockin’ Ring Finger

Self-proclaimed twice-emancipated diva Mariah Carey sparked rumors that she and boyfriend Nick Cannon were engaged when she flashed a diamond ring on her finger that was so stunning it managed to eclipse the songbird’s plentiful cleavage.

Granted, Mariah was dressed uncharacteristically conservatively for the red carpet event, which was the premiere of her film Tennessee at the Tribeca Film Festival, but still, she’s carrying around one helluva rock.

Now, however, the engagement has been confirmed by Access Hollywood, who chatted with a source from inside Carey’s inner circle.

However, official confirmation from either party’s camp has yet to be obtained—but the fact that they are all circling their wagons and dotting the perimeter with piles of ready-to-throw horse crap does seem to indicate the rumors have some validity.