Mariah’s a Liar

After her no-longer-secret wedding in the Bahamas to Nick Cannon, there’s only one man who’s allowed to touch Mariah Carey’s body, and Mr. Cannon exercised that right when he stepped out with his wifey at the Time magazine 100 Most Influential People party at the Lincoln Center.

After the shindig, the glowing newlyweds made a pit-stop at the Waverly Inn, where both had a chance to flaunt their diamond wedding rings to the public as blinding evidence of their newly acquired marital bonds.

People magazine got the exclusive first talk with Mariah and Nick, who revealed the details of how their relationship developed. First, the two met and immediately formed a romantic connection on the set of her “Bye Bye” music video. Then, Cannon proposed to the sultry songstress atop the Empire State building, smuggling the ring inside a candy wrapper – an interesting choice, considering that girlfriend’s been counting calories lately. Shortly thereafter, there was the wedding, which was kept a secret even from friends and family, who arrived at the Bahamas expecting to take part in a music video.

But the biggest shocker is the announcement by both Mariah and Nick that they “absolutely” want to have children. If Mimi’s competitive streak in her career is any indication of how she feels about pregnancy, the woman’s probably going to try for triplets right off the bat. Watch out, J.Lo, someone’s looking to break your record.