‘Bossy’ Lindsay Lohan Guest-Hosts Wango Tango

Wango Tango attracted a host of varied performers, including Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Bothers, Snoop Dogg, some  rapper named Flo Rida who looked to be in various levels of undress during his performance and Danity Kane, just to name a few. Clearly, the event was conceived to attract concertgoers from the far ends of the mainstream music loving teenaged spectrum and it worked. Also, for some reason Kim Kardashian was there looking mildly uncomfortable and poor Aubrey O’Day appears to be fighting a losing battle with Father Time.

With Ryan Seacrest hosting the event and Lindsay Lohan making an appearance as a guest host, the audience consisted mostly of teenaged sons and daughters, accompanied by their amused parents. Clearly, the memory of a seductive-looking Miley Cyrus gracing the pages of Vanity Fair wasn’t enough to mar the prospect of a family day out at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

Well, that news probably comes as a relief to Lindsay Lohan, who’s hoping to regain support of the forgiving tweenaged crowd with her upcoming album. Of all the sins she’s committed in recent times, perhaps her disregard for the use of sunscreen might be the most damaging and long-lasting.