Lindsay Loves Her Leggings More Than Her Lesbian

The tumultuous relationship enjoyed by Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson seems to be based on the two girls’ ability to produce blogworthy news bits. If they’re not airing out their dirty laundry on MySpace, they’re engaging in very public displays of annoyance with one another.

At the Crown Bar in West Hollywood, Ronson was spinning the other night while her girlfriend Linds was spinning out of control. The two engaged in a “full-blown fight,” reports a Page Six tipster, and the distraught starlet was then comforted by Diana Ross’ son Evan and, of all people, Lauren Conrad.

Meanwhile, one relationship that has yet to bottom out on La Lohan is the love affair she has been carrying on with black leggings. In fact, her passion for stretchy fashion has inspired her to create her own line called 6126. The name of the line is an homage to Marilyn Monroe, whose birthdate was June 1, 1926.

At her recent Robertson launch event, Linds reportedly tried to book models under the guise of having them work for “trade,”which can be loosely interpreted to mean “for free.” Somehow, the draw of a “contact high” and “used blonde weave” doesn’t seem like incentive enough to agree to stand around in public in some heinous leggings.