Liv’s Mother’s Day with Milo

As the world watches for any crack in Liv Tyler’s veneer since she and Brit rocker Royston Langdon announced their breakup, the actress shows she’s shed her hubby and some hair.

With a new shoulder-length ‘do, Liv, three-year-old son Milo William (looking natty in his velveteen blazer) and mom Bebe Buell did Mother’s Day in style, meeting friends at Ago in NYC.

Rocker dad Steven Tyler confirmed that his little girl is holding her head high, telling Us Weekly, “Liv is doing great.”  

Before the official split, inquring minds learned an Us source had overheard the actress talking breakup with her lawyer, saying, “She complained about her husband being a ‘leech’ on her assets, and she said she got married too young.”

If that’s the case and Liv really is “doing great,” then you go, girl. If not, at least she’s putting on a jolly good show…and we all know attitude is everything.