Wanna Peek at Brad’s Bod?

You see Brad Pitt out and about daily, flaunting his fabulousness in tank tops and tight shirts, hoisting little ones and digging in to help the less fortunate at home and abroad. All along, you just know that underneath he’s packing pecs and abs and delts, oh my.

Well, maybe that new France manse is making him soft…or maybe that’s how Angelina Jolie likes her men. ‘Cause this brand-spankin’-new shot of the bare-breasted boy shows him puffy, pasty and, well, more Val Kilmer than what the world has come to expect of Brad Pitt.

But he’s got bigger things to focus on this Mother’s Day weekend, like spending a guys’ day on a helicopter ride with Maddox and Pax while Ang bonds with their girls. As you’ll see in the gallery at right, while boarding the bird, Brad flashes one of his many deeply meaningful tats and only the hint of a love handle,

Fly high, Mr. Pitt…like, maybe to your personal trainer.