Zombie Winehouse

See that distended belly of Amy’s? First guess on the cause is that her liver’s giving out, and the next is that somebody’s been feasting on brains. The liver scenario seems much more likely, because the concept of her actually ingesting something seems pretty preposterous, no matter how Dawn of the Dead she’s looking these days.

Oh yeah, and because of a pesky little thing called “medical science” or whatever.

The other possibility exists that the carefree British songstress is pregnant, and her belly’s all swollen from all the prenatal vitamins and well-balanced meals she’s been gorging herself on lately. Yeah, that’s super likely.

Maybe secret auditions are being held for a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Score, then, ’cause Amy looks like she’s got the role of Keith Richards’ saucy, foulmouthed wench pretty much locked down.

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