'7 Things' Burning Within Miley Cyrus

'7 Things' Burning Within Miley Cyrus-photo

Miley Cyrus has been wronged but good, and she wants to spew. She shares her pain in "7 Things," the first single off her second solo CD, due out July 22. In the shadow of her performance along with the Jonas Brothers, New Kids on the Block, Jordin Sparks and others May 17 at NYC radio station Z100's annual Zootopia, Miley debuted the track with deejay Elvis Duran.  

Sounding like a cross between Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne, Cyrus sings of a love gone bad and how she yearns to go back for more.

Judging by the lyrics, no one knows teen angst like megarich multihyphenate poster girls who walk the line of purity and danger and imbue tween girls with the delicate sense of their own power.

Someone hurt Billy Ray's little angel? If it was you, Nick Jonas, you better run. Pop prince or not, daddy's comin' after you.



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  • kiana

    i really love the song it has a pretty good beat to it and the lyrics are real. i think she is a great role model also she seems down to earth and she is a really good actress.all you miley haters need to shut the hell up because the only reason why you hate her so much is because your jelous of her and she went out with nick jonas wake up girls you are never going date any of the jonas brothers so keep dreaming.

  • tigressanele

    So, I heard this song. And I honestly don't get why she's so popular... the lyrics are pretty stupid, and her voice was irritating me the whole time. Oh well, to each their own.

  • SNJ

    I went! i thought it was one of her BEST songs. in my opinion she sounds Original and you could tell she was singing this song from her heart. Good beat. Great lyrics.Strong Meaning and a beautiful voice.

  • rforrumor

    i think she looks to mature for her age. she's pretty though, and her songs are really catchy!