Britney Hits CBS One More Time

The ratings bump to CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother the first time America’s favorite underdog pop tart, Britney Spears, guest-starred was enough to entice the network to invite her for a return engagement.

Reviews of the episode’s storyline reveal that the plot left much to be desired. Britney, as any well-meaning and objective viewer can see for themselves, was quite enjoyable.

The weavetastic mother-of-two may have found her niche. Brit Brit once again nails the role of well-meaning yet ditsy receptionist Abby.

When Abby utters such lines as, “You know what I hate most about Ted? His stupid hair … His stupid, lame, awesome hair,” her limited mental capacity is easily forgiven due to her disarming sincerity.

For any jaded former fans who might have forgotten just how well Britney does “cute,” fall back in love. Looks like she (oops!) did it again.