Britney Shouldn’t Be Allowed Out of Her Driveway

Accomplished stunt driver Britney Spears has gotten into another fender bender. The sort of refurbished pop wreck suddenly accelerated while stopped at a red light on Sunset Boulevard yesterday afternoon and rear-ended a 1988 red Ford Explorer.

Following the When Britney Crashes into Another Car chapter of the Britney Spears Experience playbook, her bodyguard stepped out to speak to Edith Cortese, the driver of the Explorer. In these situations, Britney is usually too busy trying to find a good song on the radio to even deign to leave her vehicle and speak to the person she rammed.

No injuries were reported, and there was only minor damage, with Spears’ convertible Mercedes faring slightly worse. Brit’s beefcake drove to Spears’ home with the woman following behind. The exchange of information was done in the relative privacy of Brit’s abode, because “there were so many photographers around,” E! Online has learned.

One can only imagine the conversation unfurling: “Don’t worry, honey, they know me real good down at the Geico. Just tell ‘em, ‘Brit-Brit sent me, y’all!’ “