Jamie Lynn Not Too Pooped to Pump

Yellow ef-me pumps, op-art muumuu, gait like she just got off a horse…it was a down-home Mother’s Day for Jamie Lynn Spears, as she filled up the ol’ Range-Rover all by her lonesome.

The knocked-up Nickelodeon star should be used to the DIY drill by now, as she’s been forced to pump gas, load groceries and haul baby supplies solo for months now.

But in 10-inch heels? Not even the pros can carry that off with any semblance of grace, and Britney’s baby sis is doing it with a mini-redneck swimmin’ inside her.

Guess she came to her very limited senses, ’cause later on, the about-to-pop teen tart changed outfits, slid on the flats, so she, baby daddy Casey Aldridge and his mom could hit the local house of worship for a little country-fried preachin’.

Think she prayed for, like, a little help?