Jessica Alba's Allure Is More Than Skin Deep

Jessica Alba's Allure Is More Than Skin Deep-photo

The expectant actress chatted with Allure magazine to promote her comedy with Mike Myers, The Love Guru. This of course means that Jessica Alba is obligated to do a publicity circuit, mining her favorite subject matter—herself. More specifically, Jessica's talking about her sex appeal and how she's really so much more multi-faceted than she's given credit for. What other qualities she possesses remains unclear, since her diversity seems to be the only topic she's interesting in discussing.

Jessica dropped this startling revelation in the sit-down: "They always play up your sexuality, because that's what gets men into the theaters.... And I never really gave a s--t about all that stuff!"

Someone please stuff this woman into a fat suit and force her to try and do something mildly entertaining that doesn't involve having her pants inexplicably ripped off, revealing her pert little tush so that her hidden "talents" become more apparent to the untrained eye.



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  • askeller

    Diane Lane is wicked cool. She is totally my favorite actress. She is also the most beautiful women in the world! If Josh is cheating on her - and let's remember - innocent until proven guilty, he is completely out of his freakin' mind! Just sayin'... Oh, and seriously people, we all know how photogs and media people like to make things look so they can sell their sometimes b.s. stories at the celebrities expense. I won't believe it 'til I hear it from one of them. And one last thing - they are an adorable couple. I so hope that this is not true!

  • kahunaburger

    Meanwhile... I AM into pregnant chicks. And Alba is flawless to begin with. Ahh... heaven... if only I could deliver her baby.

  • spyrus

    I'm usually not into pregnant ladies, but it would take a lot for me to stop thinking Jessica Alba is hot.


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