Mariah Reenacts Her ‘Fantasy’ Music Video with Nick

Newlywed couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon recently told People magazine that they had such an instant romantic connection because, according to Nick, “We are both eternally 12 years old.” Befitting their mental age, the two celebrated their union with a party at Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park Tuesday evening.

The splashy celebration had the park decked out with pink and purple balloons (echoing the shades of Mrs. Cannon’s wedding ring) as well as a banner that read, “Mariah and Nick – A Love Story.”

Somewhere, Michael Jackson is gently weeping, wishing that Mariah and Nick would have invited him to come hang out along with them, seeing as how he too is “eternally 12 years old” and enjoys whimsical rainbows and unicorn dance parties just as much as the next emotionally stunted international pop megastar.