‘The Hills’ Toast the Season Sans Speidi

So, it’s the end of another season of MTV’s reality phenomenon The Hills. The beauty of this show is that no, those kids aren’t acting, they really are as vacant and petty as they appear on screen. Which means the off-screen shenanigans are usually just as entertaining as any semi-drama that makes the final edit.

Villainous couple, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, were reunited on-screen in the final episode of the season. Spencer proved that yes, you can pout your way back into a relationship if you really, really try hard enough. Even if the ex-girlfriend you’re trying to win over is a staunchly independent feminist icon. Just tell her how cute she looks in her teensy formal shorts, and seal the deal by filling her head with promises of weekly staged photo shoots.

But Lauren Conrad’s arch-nemeses were nowhere to be seen at the party thrown to celebrate the end of the season. The official word from Montag’s rep is, “Not invited.” However, L.C. claims she had nothing to do with the drafting of the guest list. Asked if she thought the absence of the show’s bad guys from the event seemed odd, she told E! News Online, “It’s not weird to me.”

Ouch. Way to rain on Speidi’s skin parade.