Brody and Spencer Bury the Hatchet

 These two celebrities-by-association have finally kissed and made out up. The cold shoulder that Brody Jenner has been giving Spencer Pratt appears to have thawed out, due in no small part to the “relentless” efforts of the blond-haired reality television villain, reports a source to E! News.

“Spencer had been calling and texting for a long time, begging to make up, but Brody was just blowing him off.” Mr. Heidi’s hounding must have paid off, with Jenner finally giving Pratt a return phone call to open the lines of communication.

Wow, this “wearing down” technique of Spencer’s seems to be his signature move. And he’s clearly onto something, having won back girlfriend Heidi Montag by using a very similar tactic to trick her into a reconciliation in the season finale of The Hills.

In unrelated, purely coincidental news, MTV has apparently given the green light to Brody’s new reality show — Bromance.

PREDICTION: In about a week, awkward photo shoots of Brody and Spencer surface on multiple paparazzi websites, with both of them dressed in jaunty mourning gear and goofing off at a nearby cemetary, coinciding suspiciously with Memorial Day weekend.