Denise Richards: Charlie Not in Her ‘Complicated’ Life

As he said, she saids go, the battle of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen is a doozy. Now, on the eve of the kickoff of the E! reality show Charlie bitterly fought to ban, the former Mrs. Sheen has fired another salvo.

The single mom with an admitted penchant for “hot sexy guys with big d–ks” sat in with her exec producer Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show (listen to the whole interview) and played the ever-wronged ex to perfection:

When she met Charlie, she “knew he was a reformed bad boy” and hung in until “bad stuff happened.”

  • “He just cut me off of child support last week…He doesn’t want my kids to have vaccines and shots, but that’s a whole other issue. So whatever.”
  • Though she would put it all aside for the sake of daughters Sam and Lola, “It’s sad for our kids, if nothing else. It’s a very conflicted divorce. It’s not healthy for the children.” 
  • “I have been through the ringer with the press…I don’t have anything to lose by being honest.”
  • When her mom passed away in December, “The God’s honest truth was [Charlie] said I hope you die with her.”

More to be revealed in a very special episode of It’s Complicated…and in gossip blogs near you as this sucker drags on. Ball’s in your court, Charlie. C’mon, give it a go.