Is John Mayer Really That Into Jennifer Aniston?

John Mayer is gazing lovingly into Jennifer Aniston’s eyes and there are two things going through his mind. First, “When will I get to see her naked again?” And the other one is, “How long do I have to cuddle before I’m allowed to leave?”

Maybe it’s not fair to the foppish lothario to assume that he’s already figuring out his exit strategy from this relationship. However, his buddies seem to believe it’s entirely possible that John will find another “body” he will deign a “wonderland,” once his wanderlust kicks in.

OK! Magazine chatted with friends of the newly coiffed singer, one of whom dished, “John says that Jen and he have a physical connection as deep as their spiritual one.” The source also added, “But he also said he’s categorizing this as a summer fling for now.”

However, other friends of John’s aren’t ruling out the possibility that this might develop into something long-term and remain optimistic. “He’s making the effort to fly to Miami to be with Jen. That says something.”

Whether or not this is a fleeting romance, both of them appear to be enjoying it while it lasts. At John’s Tuesday night concert in Orlando, the He’s Just Not That Into You star took pictures of her man from backstage and rewarded him for a kiss before he returned to give the crowd an encore. For Aniston’s sake, here’s to hoping that the last song he chose to play wasn’t, “I’m Gonna Find Another You.”