Jessica Simpson’s Best Week Ever

This woman is having the time of her li-ife and she’s never felt this way before! Yes, it’s true! Things are totally awesome for Jessica Simpson right now! That’s why she spent four hours drinking at Mexicali Cocina Cantina—she’s just celebrating the good times. Her younger sister Ashlee is pregnant, getting married and Jess couldn’t be happier! Joe Simpson’s eldest isn’t bitter that her love life has been about as successful as Jimmy Fallon’s post-SNL career. In fact, everything’s awesome! Her boyfriend (maybe already her ex) Tony Romo partied without her in Chicago and was reportedly overheard telling his buddies that he’s flying solo again. Things couldn’t be more awesome!

Meanwhile, in Miami Jessica’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer was spotted looking like he and Jennifer Aniston have become more than just friends. In exchange for getting to ogle Jen’s alert nipples barely concealed under her tiny bikini tops, John gets to carry her dog Norman around, helping her load up their private jet as they zoom around on a cross-country canoodle fest.

Jessica is having such an amazing time right now! The only news that could possibly make her more elated would be to find out that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are engaged and that Nick Paves will be doing Vanessa’s hair for the wedding.