Miley Cyrus Is a Milk Maiden

Media-savvy tween-pop sensation Miley Cyrus sure knows how to beat back controversy.

Hot on the heels of her Vanity Fair topless cover-shoot—you know, the one she later claimed to be “embarrassed” by—Miley has done a shoot for the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign.

As you can see, the resultant photo of the 15-year-old Cyrus with a swath of white liquid splashed over her upper lip is completely free of any kind of sexual innuendo whatsoever.

What’s next in Miley’s image-scrubbing campaign, a Hannah Montana signature-model love doll?

This totally-not-seedy display has the fragrance of father/Svengali Billy Ray Cyrus all over it.  Unfortunate hairstyle choices notwithstanding, that guy seems to know exactly what he’s doing in marketing his young daughter.

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