Victoria Beckham Feels the Sway of the Gays

Human lollipop Victoria Beckham was recently complimented on her looks by a reporter from the Sun and replied that the only men who to find her desirable nowadays are in the pink brigade. “All the men that like me are gay. It’s true. I have a really strong gaydar. I do love gay men, though.”

Well, yeah, you’re flawlessly dressed, stick thin, extremely wealthy and scowl your way through life. They want to BE you.

As for her perpetual grimace, the British export insists her face betrays her into looking like a grouchy bitch all the time. “When I see pictures, I do sometimes think. ‘You miserable cow!’ But I think it’s just the way my face falls. If people like the way I look, then great, and if they don’t, then fine,” the tabloid mainstay and (*ahem*) fashion icon told GMTV.

C’mon, with that much money, you can have smile muscles surgically implanted. Just a thought.

Posh said she “loves” her new life in the U.S. as soccer widow to her internationally famous superstar husband, L.A. Galaxy right midfielder David Beckham. She also addressed what it’s like being friends with extremely creepy celebrity religious fanatics Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

“Do you know, we go to lots of different things together, and they’re great and really normal. And people don’t want to hear that, people want to hear that people are weird,” she said in defense of her cronies. Then again, maybe it’s Tom’s alleged numerous attempts to coerce Posh and Becks into visiting the Scientology Celebrity Center that’s causing the constant look of disgust for which she gets lambasted.