Brangelina's Baby Due Date

Brangelina's Baby Due Date-photo

For future film projects, Angelina Jolie might want to consider forcing her castmates to sign confidentiality agreements because both Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman have been chatting up the press about Angie's pregnancy left and right.

Jolie stars alongside the guys in the animated feature Kung Fu Panda, which has taken its publicity train across the pond to Cannes. During an interview with the Today show, Jack Black accidentally spilled that Jolie was expecting twins, a fact which was confirmed by Angelina herself.

Now, Dustin Hoffman has put in his two cents, giving out August 19th as the due date for the babies. Confirmation has yet to be received and it's also possible that this is just Dustin's attempt to throw press off the trail, that cunning little bastard.

When it comes to celebrity pregnancies, the very strict Celebuzz policy is to trust no one, but entertain any and all speculations, no matter how suspicious. It's just more fun that way.



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  • noah

    sweet jesus.

  • laffylila

    They are both so lovely I can't stand it!!!

  • lisatee

    her boobs are two pandas.

  • buzzbuddy

    It looks like she's going to give birth to two pandas.