Britney and Mel and Vacation, Oh My!

Britney and Mel and Vacation, Oh My!-photo

It's the birth of a new BFF! Britney Spears and Mel Gibson boarded a private jet at LAX this morning to wend their way for some sun and fun in Costa Rica, where Hollywood's most famous anti-Semite owns property. And now where crazy meets crazy.



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  • notobsessed

    why hasnt mel been in any of the pics??

  • lisatee
    lisatee long as she's not jewish or trying to arrest him, he doesn't have any problems with her.

  • schawkvalue

    You know what this means don't you? That is right, the newest reality show to burn your eyes "Bananas in the Jungle!" "The Fox network brings you a show where Hollywood's most mentally disturbed stars share a cabana of hilarity and tears in the jungles of Costa Rica. Each day they compete in challenges to earn the coveted 'immunity by reason of mental defect' prize. Losers are forced to appear on a late night talk show and make a public spectacle of themselves. Next week: Tom Cruise and Mariah Carey compete in the vine swinging contest..."

  • emmerson

    Train wreck meets train wreck!

  • xoxojaniepie

    NOOOOOOOO NOT MEL !!!!!!! :( i would have thought at least HE would see her for what she really is.... NASTY.

  • spyrus


  • lisatee

    Bad things happen when Britney leaves the country...

  • buzzbuddy

    Makes sense to me -- they're both sort of psycho