Jodie Foster Splits with Her Sons’ Other Mother

It took 14 years for onetime Coppertone kid Jodie Foster to finally step up at a Women in Hollywood event and publicly honor “My beautiful Cydney, who sticks by me through all the rotten and the bliss.”

And now that love is no more.

Rumors are swirling that the once fiercely private Foster and Cydney Bernard have called it quits, and lesbos everywhere are tearing up, vividly recalling the day they heard Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher had gone down the tubes.

No word on the reason for the split, yet the two, who met on the set of the film Sommersby, parent Charles, 9, and Kit, 6. Neither has ever divulged the boys’ dad or addressed rumors that it was a college gay-guy friend of Jodie.

Oddly, the dish is served on the very same day as the California State Supreme Court overturned the gay marriage ban. But even without the stamp of approval from the state, these two are dug in big time, and untying the knot could prove messy. A source told the National Enquirer it’s “shocking. She and Cydney have been together for so many years and have two children…the potential fallout and legal wrangling from this split could be monumental.”

Bring on the palimony suits…