John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston Rub Love on NYC

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston Rub Love on NYC-photo

Having brought Miami to its knees with the overwhelming awesomeness of their new romance, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer arrived in New York yesterday for the next stop on their Incredibly Wicked-Cool Love Tour 2008.

The Friends alum and the darkly brooding crooner dined at the Waverly Inn with four pals Wednesday night. The two shared an order of the eatery's fabled truffle macaroni and cheese. A source told Us Weekly, "Jennifer was just smiling and looking on, clearly in love with him and acting like he was the smartest guy on earth."

Totally. Compared with Mayer, Stephen Hawking looks like Pauly Shore.

Speaking of Us, the mag has a poll asking what Mayer and Aniston's celebrity-couple nickname should be. "They'll Be Broken Up by August" is mysteriously absent from the list of choices.



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  • rforrumor

    rub rub rub

  • mraniston

    ewww, but at least hes not vince vaughn

  • jennifer

    seriously, why can't she be using him for sex? i'm so over the stories of her as a victim. she gets the hottest guys, has fun with them and then gets bored and loses em. she's my new idol!!!

  • lisatee

    omg, they're infecting the entire east coast.