Matthew McConaughey Pimps His Kid-to-Be

Gnarly dude Matthew McConaughey has reportedly been offered deals for upwards of a million dollars by three different publications for pictures of his newborn baby with British model Camila Alves.

These offers didn’t just fall in McConaughey’s lap, mind you. Word is the guy pushing the shopping cart is image maker Todd Shemarya, who brokered the photo deals for Christina Aguilera’s little Max Liron and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Shiloh. Babies are big business to this guy. “What I do,” Shemarya recently told the New York Times, “is to take whatever anyone’s best assets are and apply those in a business situation.”

So, chances are the ante will keep going up. And for the rest of us, this means Matty boy can afford soap now! The sex of the baby remains unknown. What is known is that a certain beach bum is going to be paddling around on a diamond-encrusted surfboard.