'Maxim' Says Lauren Is 20% Less Hot Than Heidi

'Maxim' Says Lauren Is 20% Less Hot Than Heidi-photo

You know how, lately, Lauren Conrad has been acting totally stuck-up and thinks she's all a better 'ho than Heidi Montag, even though Heidi totally made The Hills what it is and doesn't even really need the show anymore and is practically the president of the United States now?

Yeah, well guess what? Maxim just released its Hot 100 list. Heidi came in at number 36, while Lauren came in at, get this, number 56! That's right, a full 20 slots below Heidi.

Oooh; in your face, Lauren "20 Below" Conrad! Stings, doesn't it? From here on in, you should be required to wear a scarlet "56" on your chest, to acknowledge your now-documented inferiority to Heidi Montag! Bwahahahahaha!



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  • mraniston

    they are both pretty hot but that show is so boring, how can people watch this crap

  • notobsessed

    lauren's really skinny in person - i see her at runyon all the time

  • jennifer

    heidi is a total skank.

  • itsmemarke

    i wonder what the ranking would have been for heidi pre-surgery

  • gossipguy

    yum they're both hot stuff, they should have been ranked #1 and 2

  • rockinout

    lauren's arms are lookin a little flabby in this pic. yikes.

  • xoxojaniepie

    Heidi's eyes are waaaayyy too close together. It makes her look like an alien. and her music video doesn't redeem her at all either. In any case, LC is WAY hotter.

  • neal

    What's 20% of 0%?

  • lisatee

    they both kind of suck, but in their own special way.

  • laffylila

    I love Lauren!!!!

  • spyrus

    Heidi looks like she just tooted a stinky one in that pic