Michelle Trachtenberg Parties Like a Pop Star

Michelle Trachtenberg Parties Like a Pop Star-photo

Remember when Britney Spears passed out at a New Year's Eve party, not so many moons ago? Well, Michelle Trachtenberg bested the Blackout singer's reputation for hard-partying at a recent soiree in NYC.

The porcelain-skinned actress was hosting the opening of a Sunglass Hut store in SoHo when she seemed to hit the deck at around 8 p.m.

Reportedly, Trachtenberg regained consciousness and kept on celebrating until the end of the gig nearly an hour later. The resilient party girl was also spotted at another club later in the evening.

Those Sunglass Hut people sure know how to get wild and crazy. But their shindigs are nothing compared to the sea-salt scrub and lotion people in the mall who are constantly trying to manicure the hands of passersby. They're into some pretty kinky stuff.



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  • jonathan parton
    jonathan parton

    hey all well jake shears omg i love him he is the best gay singer in the world and i just love him and he is dead sexy

  • bawwow

    DUI - i give her 2 months

  • notobsessed

    GEORGINA!! she takes gossip girl to another level

  • itsmemarke

    harriet the sot

  • rockinout

    damn this chick grew up fast

  • lisatee

    i want to get paid to host parties while i sleep, dammit.

  • chichilavie

    Those sea-salt scrub bitches in the mall are relentless!

  • laffylila

    A young starlet getting drunk -- I'm simply shocked (not).