Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Totally Care About Myanmar

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Totally Care About Myanmar-photo

And here you were probably thinking that the only thing Nicole Richie and Joel Madden contribute to society is comic relief.

The Good Charlotte rocker and the reformed Hollywood bad girl teamed up with UNICEF to create a public-service announcement to raise funds for the victims of the recent cyclone that devastated Myanmar. UNICEF estimates that 8 million children have been affected by the storm.

In the PSA, Madden pleads, "These kids need food, water, medicine, shelter and protection," while Richie implores viewers to "please give generously."



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  • Jenny Price
    Jenny Price


  • rforrumor

    oops i meant harlow hehe

  • rforrumor

    awww harmlow is so cute!!

  • lisatee

    hey gossipguy, didn't we meet once in the bottom of a public swimming pool? ;)

  • gossipguy

    myanmar would be a better name than harlow. seriously.

  • lisatee

    Is Myanmar the name of their baby?

  • panasonicyouth

    That's asking too much. It's better than nothing, but it just sounds so insincere. Donate to UNICEF, though!

  • laffylila

    I'd like to believe that motherhood has brought her back to the land of reality.