Paris Hilton's Heady Fashion Sense

Paris Hilton's Heady Fashion Sense-photo

Looks like Paris Hilton is biting Sarah Jessica Parker's style.

The celebutante was in London today, sporting an ornate chapeau that probably required a building permit. And was suspiciously reminiscent of the elaborate headgear sported by SJP at the Sex and the City movie premiere in that very same city Monday night.

Ooh; could a celeb showdown be in the works? Let's hope so. It would be sooo entertaining to see Sarah let out a mighty snort, rear up and give Paris a good trampling.

Hilton was in town to promote her fragrance, Can Can.

Huh; wonder what the combined aroma of uselessness, promiscuity and weak pop-reggae smells like?



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  • aariona

    yuck!that hats for grandmas

  • xoxojaniepie

    SJP can't even pull off her face.

  • lisatee

    how does white fabric not just burn on her skin?

  • mraniston

    Ha Ha - she sucks

  • bawwow

    cmon, only SJP can pull off this look...