Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson Doing the Breakup Dance

It’s Breakup Watch 2008 here at CELEBUZZ. Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson’s relationship is heaving its last dying breaths before going the way of Eight Belles. Witnesses claim that Romo was heard telling friends he was single and ready to mingle while partying solo in Chicago at the same time that Jess was drinking her assistant under the table in Los Angeles.

Jessica’s rep told E! News, “I spoke to Jess yesterday and the day before. They are still together.” Reportedly, the Dallas Cowboy will be the buxom blonde’s date to her sister’s wedding this weekend. However, the Dallas Morning News says that the couple have, in fact, pulled the plug.

All that can be said with certainty is that if Jess has already sent in her RSVP with Tony listed as her plus one,  they’ll at least let this thing play out through the weekend. If not, he’ll have to face her sister Ashlee somewhere down the line.

Not wanting to tell the bride that there’s an extra plate unaccounted for will keep these two together at least until the end of the chicken dance at the reception.