Eva Longoria’s One-Woman Fashion Parade

Eva Longoria is not a woman given to moderation. This is, after all, the woman who threw herself multiple bicoastal birthday parties when she turned 33 last month.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that Eva would show no restraint in her clothing options while attending the Cannes Film Festival this week. There she is in a yellow-and-white striped number! In a sparkly, hippieish getup! In a…WTF, is that a wedding dress? And in a skintight blue gown! Especially in a skintight blue gown!

Egads, did the woman leave any clothes for the rest of the festgoers to wear?

Sure she did, and we’ll be showing you those, too. Check in later today for our gigantic, humongous and mind-blowing Cannes fashion extravaganza!