Heidi’s Naked!

Picture it: Hot August day, you’re out in the backyard in your wife-beater, sweating bullets while you pull up weeds from the ol’ Fescue. And somewhere in New York, Heidi Klum is prancing around her high-rise terrace stark naked sipping umbrella drinks and turning a gentle bronze.

No, it’s not an alternate universe, it’s the supermodel’s summertime reality. Gracing the new installment of Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things episode, airing Mar. 16, Klum tells the media maven, “I don’t like wearing too much…When there’s no person in sight, it’s coming off!”

She went on…something about picking the optimum swimsuit and the best gear for those hot-weather gatherings. But the world was so lost in its visual picnic it had already stopped listening. 

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