Lily Allen’s Dad Helps Her Work on Her Alcoholism

Spunky British singer Lily Allen, 23, had a few too many at a Cannes Film Festival party last night and face-planted on her dad’s lap in the cab home. Aw, pops must be so proud.

This was after she passed out on a table inside the party venue. It’s a good thing Lil brought her dignity and sophistication along with her to France.

Lily was drinking at the party for the film How to Lose Friends and Alientate People with dad Keith Allen and friends. Her raucous evening out and its sad end arrive on the heels of photographs that surfaced online and in the tabloids this week of Lily sunbathing topless on the French Riviera.

“I heard I was a Page Three girl today,” she cracked to the press. The newly blond Allen says it’s true that blondes have more fun. At least she said that earlier. Once she headbutted the table, all you could get out of her was “mmmprggh, bloody wankers, no one understands, Dad, Dad, hold me hair back, blagrh!”