NKOTB Sleepwalks Through ‘Today’

The ’90s boy band New Kids on the Block hit up the Today Show to promote their upcoming reunion album. Possibly because their former audience is all grown up with, like, credit cards and checking accounts, they figured it was about time to cash in on the nostalgia factor. Why not? The Spice Girls recently made a killing.

The guys performed some crowd favorites and also sang “Summertime,” a song from their new album. Almost 15 years after they last performed together, the “New” Kids demonstrated dance moves that consisted of little more than a few ill-advised pelvic thrusts and coordinated arm waving. And listening to these grown men attempt to replicate the falsettos of their youth is a bit like putting an ear to a window just outside the Austrian Boys’ Choir retirement home.

But the crowd didn’t seem to notice. Then again, they were probably just happy to have something to entertain them during the Spamalot intermission, leaving them enough time to rush back to Broadway see their beloved Clay Aiken return to the stage.