Pete and Ashlee’s Pre-Wedding Parties

Ashlee Simpson was thrown a party by her mother and sister, Jessica. Jessica probably wanted nothing more right now than to be playing second fiddle to her surgically-altered bride-to-be younger sister.

Tents were erected earlier in the day at Tina and Joe Simpson’s home in Encino in preparation for the upcoming nuptials. As for the ladies’ shindig, it commenced in the late afternoon at Kiki De Montparnasse and wrapped up just before midnight.

During that time, Joe Simpson took future family member Pete Wentz out for dinner, along with a group of the youngster’s buddies. The gang hit up Mr. Chow, where they indulged in a dinner that ended up reaching a grand total of almost $1,000. At around 11 p.m, the group headed over to the Roosevelt Hotel to wrap up the evening’s festivities.

How nice to see another couple enjoying California’s lifting of the ban on gay marriage. These two are lesbians, right?