Rihanna and Chris’ PDA at KFC = $$$

If Chris Brown and Rihanna had known that being a couple could be so lucrative, they probably wouldn’t have been so coy about their relationship to begin with.

The lovebirds were caught canoodling in a Miami KFC recently. Instead of a stern warning from an angry manager telling them to take their smut outside, Brohanna received a letter from the company’s HQ asking them to do it again—for cash.

Access Hollywood reports that KFC chief marketing officer James O’Reilly sent the couple a missive stating that the company was “very excited” by their visit and extended an offer of a free meal should they decide to pop in again. Moreover, the letter stated, “If you and Chris are again photographed making KFC a ‘hot’ date-night spot, we’ll make a donation to your charity, BELIEVE, which helps underprivileged children.”

You can view the full letter in the story gallery.

Hmmm, making out for money. Would that make Rihanna and Chris some kind of sex workers?

Well, if it’s all for charity, it makes things a little less seedy. If no less greasy.

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