Someone Drove into Brittny Gastineau’s Nose

Model and reality-show vixen Brittny Gastineau was injured in a car accident May 14 in West Hollywood, In Touch Weekly is reporting. She was exiting the parking lot of a Rite Aid when a guy slammed into her car.

Maybe he wasn’t a fan of Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive? Yahoo! heiress, total drama queen and maybe Lindsay roommate Courtenay Semel was there and called medics. “Her face was full of blood, and I could tell her nose was broken,” Semel, 28, said. “I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

You know those people who run to the cameras whenever something terrible happens and are the first ones to say, “I had no idea!” or “He seemed like such a nice guy!” That’s Courtenay.

She’s apparently also working on her actress skills, as she is reported to have fainted when rescuers were loading her unconscious BFF into the ambulance. “The doctor put me on a gurney across from her!” the heiress exclaimed, trying to make sure she gets the book and film rights.

The Gastineau Girl was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and released after a few hours, intact save for a broken nose. “I’m just happy to be alive,” Brittny said. “I had my angel, my grandma, on my shoulder.”

Did grandma provide you with the “a” you’re missing while she was there? Maybe she could take it from Courtenay. She’s been operating with an extra.