Al Reynolds Tries to Leverage Star Power for Big Bucks

Apparently, Al Reynolds has never heard the saying, “Talk is cheap.”

The soon-to-be former Mr. Star Jones is reportedly shopping around a tell-all interview about his union to Star. The New York Daily News (second item) quotes a television producer as saying, “He has got to make a buck somehow. He’s been looking for a six-figure deal for an interview where he dishes about being married to Star.”

Hmm; how much more dish could there be about a woman who so zestfully reveals every ugly aspect of her personality to the public already? Who was crass enough to enlist more than 30 corporate sponsors for her wedding to Reynolds, and shameless enough to show up to the wedding anyway?

Maybe Al’s going to reveal that that his beloved didn’t lose all that weight  from gastric bypass surgery, but from an all-puppy diet. Frankly, it’s difficult to imagine how else Jones’ public image could drop lower than it already is.

On second thought, Reynolds should probably receive more than six figures just for staying married to that puppy eater for nearly four years.