Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Prenupped

Musician (?) Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy androgynous heartthrob Pete Wentz were married this past weekend with an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding reception. Despite the presence of Cheshire cats and other assuredly whimsical/tacky touches (Jessica Simpson fell down a relationship rabbit hole), the proceedings were actually based in reality. Ashlee’s father, the touchy feely Papa Joe Simpson, made sure that a prenup was in place.

OK! reports that Joe Simpson wanted to make sure that Ashlee didn’t make the same mistake that sister Jessica did when she was alleged to have had to pay ex-husband Nick Lachey more than $10 million after their divorce.

Ashlee’s reported net worth of $6 million is allegedly less than her older sister’s, but that’s still a lot of Manic Panic hair dye and designer hoodies to be shelling out for if things go south.

Papa Joe is covering all his bases. The prenup is a precautionary measure, but he still reportedly hopes to make money off the happy couple by having them star in a reality show.

You would think that making money by alerting the paps as to where his children are going to be at every given second would be enough.