Ashley Olsen in Over Her Head?

Ashley Olsen in Over Her Head?-photo

It's a boy for Ashley Olsen. Make that a new boy-toy, and the budding romance has friends and family concerned that it's gonna prove too much too soon for the tiny twin titan.  Justin Bartha, 30 to Ashley's 22, is apparently putting on the full-court press, beginning with a super-chivalrous first date at Patsy's in NYC.

But Bartha's cohorts warn that he has a possessive streak and a volatile side when and if love goes awry, recalling a past liaison with socialite Lydia Hearst.  "He's a little bit psycho-y," a source tells Page Six. "He's a really cute, nice guy, but he was always jumping out of the shot when Lydia was being photographed. It's a little strange that he would go after a girl [Olsen] who is always having her photo taken."

The source adds that he went ballistic when Hearst broke up with him:  "At the InStyle party during the Oscars in February 2008, Justin went up to her and yelled at her in front of everyone."

Okay, so sure, they're multihyphenate billionaires, and apparently casual-chic Ashley has now been deemed the hotter twin, but those Olsen babes tend to fish in some deep waters. Maybe Ash needs to stop, drop and roll before she gets burned.



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  • chichilavie

    Though this is a rather flattering picture of Ashley, I can't look at either of them without immediately thinking "Gelfling!" from the Dark Crystal.

  • bawwow

    they seem to date a lot of older men

  • missamericandream

    (without the troll)

  • missamericandream

    i want to see her in a movie

  • hwoodgrrl

    she looks absolutely stunning here....take some pointers MK

  • allanthekind

    Uh, Heath Ledger is the one who died, not the Olsen twin. So maybe Justin is the one who should stop, drop and roll.

  • lisatee

    her eyebrows are mesmerizing


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